Erotic Romances

We all love them. We all read them. We all want to spend our reading time on the best. That's Dee S. Knight.

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Sexy fireman melts ice queen

Who doesn't love a cowboy or fireman? Dee certainly does. That's why she wrote "The Fireman and the Ice Queen" in Hearts Afire - June. And "Second Wind" in
Heat Wave.

Or are you in the mood for a sexy ghost or paranormal psychic? Dee has them in spades. Try Top Pick, award-winning Passionate Destiny or The Man of Her Dreams.

A sexy ghost from the past shows Margaret her future

Francis Drake and Dee S. Knight spin two contemporary, sexual tales sure to fulfill your every desire Fantasy is the stuff of dreams. That's why Dee has chosen to pen so many fantasies. Your Desire, with her own hero, Francis Drake, an adult take on Rapunzel in Ain't Your Mama's Bedtime Stories, and two space fantasies: The Triple S Bride and Bride of the Pryde. Fantacise a little yourself with one of these great books!
Contemporary books bring us the world we live in. Dee's contemporary add the spice of sex, mystery and love, devotion...and sex. Impatient Passion, Dee's first book, has been described as both "the bus book," (read it and find out why) and "the best romance I've ever read." (Again, read it and find out why--you'll love it, too.) But she has more to offer in the contemporary line. You'll also enjoy The Cinderella Curse, Baer and the Three Goldilocks or The Nature of Nature.

Her boss is in love with her, a mysterious man seduces her, and Austin can do nothing but go impatinetly into passion

They met on a beach vacation but discover that love is relative in the real world

Short on reading time, long on emotion Don't have much time? No problem! Dee has been part of some of the best anthologies you've ever read. You'll love the emotion between the cowboy and the lawyer in "Second Wind" (in Heat Wave). There's also Ain't Your Mama's Bedtime Stories, Your Desire, Resolutions (four friends writing about four friends) and "The Elixir" (in Tasty Treats, Volume 1).


The Galactic Brides Series

Live wild sexual rides to distant galaxy adventures!
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